Each of the members in the Sons of Fenrir plays an important role within our Viking village, just as societies did in medieval Europe. There were important roles in a village to take on such as the Jarl but also farmers, blacksmiths and weavers. Many goods and services are exchanged right in our village today as they once were. With a blacksmith who makes knives for the cook, or helmets and weapons for the warriors and the children who help with the looking after the village.



Every year we hold a group meeting to decide the next years council. One of the members voted in is the Jarl. 

Jarl Hrafn Thorolfson has lead our group for a few years in a row. Finding and organizing events along with his council Hrafn also help new members situate themselves in the village. Although his title he is also an active warrior as well as a jewelry smith in the village. 

Photo Credit: Josh Albers


Like the Jarl the person in charge of the treasurer role can chance every year. In the viking times it wasn't likely that there would have been a treasurer as most vikings controlled their own riches as hack silver. 

Eldfriðr has for many year guarded and kept an eye on the funds of the group. Making sure the village keeps in working order by distributing the funds to the Village Thane for food and village upgrades as well as other group uses. 

Photo Credit: Rod Sanchez @rodsanchezphotography

Combat Thane

The combat Thane has a very important role. Training new warriors and making sure safety and proper use of weapons are upheld both at practices and events. 

Valdimar Lieffrithsson upholds our safety standard amongst new, old and guests members in our village. Having still with many weapons types and archery with a team of qualified trainer amongst our members. 

Photo Credit: Nico Ayala

Village Thane

One of the most important roles to our village is indeed that of the Village Thane. Although everyone in the village does their part it is with the Village Thane that our village is fed at events and kept organized.

Ylva Ahlström is new to take on the challenge of keeping a working and active village. Although she has the support and her own determination to do a good job. With many ideas and passion to create a welcoming village Ylva has impress and surpassed our expectations. 

Photo Credit: Rod Sanchez @rodsanchezphotography

Photo Credit: Rod Sanchez @rodsanchezphotography


In the viking times clothing, jewelry, weapons and village equipment would have been dictated by what was in fashion, what could be bought, pillaged and new creations that made life simpler or more impressive. 

Today Viðnir Ragnvaldsson ensures that what we represent in our reenacted village adheres to the historical finds and research of the area we portray. Archaeological finds and research is forever changing our understanding of the viking world. With new  exciting finds or clothing, jewelry and tools. Keeping us on our toes as our world expands. Although we are all still hoping for pockets!